Support the Environment and the Fern Eco Team

The Fern Eco Team will be selling Fern water bottles at the Spring Concert at Parkdale Collegiate, the evening of Wednesday, May 9th.

The metallic lime green 17 oz, stainless steel water bottles with a plastic twist-off top and a carabiner has the Fern Falcon’s logo on it, and will be sold for only $10. What an incredible deal! The bottles are also BPA free and FDA compliant.

Please help the Fern Eco Team help the environment by buying a reusable, refillable and environmentally-friendly water bottle, which looks great with the official Fern Falcons logo!

Proceeds will go towards a local environmental organization or charity, Fern’s playground revitalization, and our Eco Club.

Thank you for your support!

The Fern Eco Team

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