Bike Rodeo is Next Week!

Next week will be our bike rodeo! It will be held over two days, and for students to participate they need to have their own bike or scooter and a bike/skate helmet. We will have grade 5/6 students to help out with the stations both days.

Monday, June 11 - 10:30-11:30
Kindergarten classes

Tuesday, June 13 - 10:30-11:45
Grades 1-4

There will be a number of stations to rotate through, each lasting 7-8 minutes each, in a similar fashion to Jump Rope for Heart. There will be games/activities in the hockey rink for students who are not able to participate.

The stations will be as follows:

1. Freezie/cool-down station
2. Slow Bicycle Race (no feet)
3. Bike Tune-up station (Tentative - grade 1-4 only)
4. Obstacle Course
5. Make your own license plate (art activity)
6. Dance Zone
7. Coasting Race

Thank you.

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