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Art in Action is Online this Fall...

Create with us! 

Nothing says fall like crisp apples, cool nights and crunchy leaves. Art in Action wants to enjoy this season of change with you! Come paint with us and join our Fall Harvest Art Lessons. We have 4 unique paintings to try and students will learn about famous artists and techniques to make their own great works of art. 
 · Art in Action delivers the art materials to your home 
 · Students create along with a teacher live online 
 · Students can ask questions and interact 
 · Parents can choose a variety of days and class times 

When children participate in art: 
· It helps them communicate through creative expression 
· It has a positive effect on mental health 
· It helps children concentrate and focus 
· They learn that every problem has multiple solutions 

Register Today! Please click here for Fall Harvest Art Lessons or email us at artinactiontoronto.com

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