Community Watch - Update

Dear Fern Avenue School Community,

After further discussion with involved officers from 11 Division, this is information from them that I can share with you regarding the concerns raised about personal safety in our neighbourhood. We speak to our children in class about safety when travelling in the neighbourhood and suggest that you reinforce the message as well. Additionally, we have requested an increased presence from our TDSB security service. If an incident occurs, please report it to the police as soon as possible. Thank you.
Dear Mr. Moy,

11 Division is aware that there is concern within our community regarding some street robberies that have recently occurred in the Roncesvalles area. I want to advise you that we are investigating each and every incident that has been reported to us and we are deploying resources in the Roncesvalles area to reduce criminal activity and to help prevent future incidents. The investigative units within 11 Division are working together with members of the Roncesvalles community and with our neighbouring divisions to identify the individuals responsible for these offences and to bring them before the courts.

I have included in this email links to two pdf documents that you and your faculty (families) may find useful.

Mr. A. Moy
Fern Avenue Junior and Senior Public School

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