Millennium Kids Welcome Card Project

Millennium Kids recently launched a WELCOME CARD project to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees coming to Canada while encouraging the government to keep moving forward.

Children and youth across Canada are invited to create handmade Welcome Cards to welcome thousands of expected newcomer refugees to our amazing Canada! They are asked to mail their Welcome Cards to their local Member of Parliament in Ottawa (no postage required) to support Canada’s 25,000 refugees effort.

This project provides a powerful way for kids to participate in and strengthen Canada’s greatly anticipated refugee response. They are aiming for 25,000 cards. Together we can create a beautifully welcoming Canadian culture!!

Fern students participated in the Millennium Kids initiative and MP Virani responded. Click here for his letter. His handwritten note states “Keep up the amazing work – you’re making Roncy residents like me very proud.”

Well done, Fern!

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