Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at Fern Ave. PS. I am excited to begin my second year here at Fern and together with my Vice Principal, Ms. Lindita Guffin, and all my staff, look forward to a successful year for all.

This email coincides with my telephone message through the School Connects system. Hopefully the school has both an updated email and a phone contact for you and that is why you are receiving this message. If you only received one of these messages, please call the school office at 416 393 9130 so we can verify your information. We will be sending out a formal Verification Sheet next week. 

Please look over the parent package which will be coming to you in hardcopy sometime next week. You do not need to fill anything out at this time, but please read my welcome letter and the information about the hot lunch program.

There are three additional items that I need to share with you at this time:
One is to inform you that Fern will be implementing a cellphone policy of "No Cell After the Bell" which means that unless the classroom teacher has given permission to the class to use their cellphones, they will need to be turned off and put away in the locker (if applicable) or in the child's backpack. Cellphones are not to be used in the hallways or during lunch or on the school yards. Inappropriate use of the cellphone will result in consequences. This policy is a result of a number of safety incidents last year involving cellphones and extensive consultation with staff and parents during the School Advisory Council meetings. Your cooperation and support is appreciated. 

The second item is to share with our grade 7 parents that all grade 7 students are expected to remain on the school property for the lunch period for the first six weeks of school. They will be supervised during the whole 75 minute lunch period and will begin by eating together in the cafeteria followed by recess outside. This will give the students a chance to became acquainted with the school, their fellow students, the routines and the expectations as well as ensure their safety. In mid-October we will be sending out a letter asking parents and students to decide whether they are going to continue in the lunch program or not be a part of it. More information about this will follow shortly.

The final item is to inform you that our junior students (including the two 3/4 classes) will be having their lunch recess at the beginning of the lunch hour and eating their lunch in the cafeteria beginning at 12:15. This is to accommodate the larger numbers of students eating in the school and the space constraints in the cafeteria. Things have worked out so far in the past two days and over the next few days, everyone will be getting used to the new routine. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your child's teacher or contact the office.


J. Eric Szonyi      and      Lindita Guffin
Principal                          Vice Principal

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