Principal's Update

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope you had a restful and relaxing holiday spent with family and friends and that your child is ready to start the new year off with a renewed enthusiasm for school and learning. I wanted to write to you with a few updates:

Roofing Replacement Update - unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with our work crews over the holidays due to high winds and precipitation. Work has resumed this week and we are hoping for the weather to cooperate so that the job can be finally completed and we can return to normal operations. I have been working closely with facilities representatives to ensure that the school is set up to be as safe as possible. We have closed the Senior entry door (Exit 3) during construction to minimize fumes from the kettle from coming into the school. We also have ventilators operating on each floor with fans to circulate and clean the air inside the school, and the caretaker closes certain intake fans during the day for the same reason. Another we have taken has been to use plastic vapour barrier to tape up the windows of certain classrooms that face the kettle or will face the kettle once the staging area moves, and finally we have asked all staff and students to not open windows during the roofing work because this compromises the air inside the school. If you have any further concerns please call the office to speak to me or Ms. Guffin.

School Council Meets this Wednesday - Please join us in the staff room for our next meeting from 6:30 - 8:30. We will have some light refreshments and Trustee Pilkey is planning on attending. Childcare is available and you are all welcome.

Social Media Fitness with Chris Vollum
- Chris is a Social Media expert and has been presenting to schools and parents for a number of years. He is presenting to parents as part of our Parents Reaching Out grant and will speak in the school auditorium on Wednesday February 1 from 6:45-8:00 pm (see link here). For more information please call the school office.

Report Cards and Reporting to Parents - this is a reminder that the Report Cards will be sent home on February 14 and the Reporting to Parents also known as Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place in the afternoon/evening of Thursday February 16 and the morning of Friday February 17. Junior Kindergarten students will receive the Junior Kindergarten Summary. Please speak to your child's teacher to arrange for a conference.

Safety Reminder - This is a reminder to all parents and guardians that the school parking lot is out of bounds as there are vehicles entering and exiting at all times. Please use the designated entrances off of Fern Ave. and Wright Ave. to enter the school site. During the roofing construction we apologize that the western access to the school yard is blocked by the construction staging area and ask for your cooperation in walking around to the eastern access until that staging area has been removed. Communicating this expectation to the junior and senior students who may be walking by themselves is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Principal Szonyi

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