FIA Summer Workshop Series 2017

Friendship In Action (FIA) is excited to announce our new summer workshop series set to run this August 21-25, 2017.

The new school year is exciting, but for some students it requires additional guidance and strategies to cope with the social and academic demands. Transitioning to a new grade, classroom, or school can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. To help support a successful new year, we are offering a week long, end of summer workshop series aimed at building confidence and strengthening communication and collaboration skills.

A team of experienced educators will guide participants through numerous developmental activities that will help them understand how to be engaged and connected members of their school community. It is through our shared experiences that we begin to develop a deeper sense of respect, perspective and patience for ourselves and those around us.

Please find attached our flyer for this exciting summer workshop series.

Thank you very much,
Geraldine Mabin

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