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Attention: Parents of Senior Students

 Dear Parents of our Senior Students,

We have now completed almost two weeks of back to school, in a year when it is not business as usual.

We are so happy to have the students back in our building, but some are having challenges with complying with the new rules mandated by Toronto Public Health and the Toronto District School Board implemented for the safety of themselves and others.  We continue to be deeply concerned about students who are not following the rules when they are outside, particularly the physical distancing rules.  Students need mask breaks when they are outside, but this is when it is of utmost importance that they practice physical distancing and remain at least 2m apart.

A few in each class need constant reminders to:

  • Put their masks above their nose
  • Arrive on school property with a mask while in close proximity of others.
  •  Social distancing and not touch each other during free play

We would like to share the following protocol which will begin on Monday September 28th

  • First occurrence – Phone call home from teacher
  • Second occurrence – Phone call home from an administrator and will lose lunch privileges and have to stay at the office for lunch.
  • Third and on-going occurrence– student will be sent home.

The TDSB Mask Guide has been updated in light of significant increases in confirmed  COVID-19 cases in Toronto and Ontario. The updated TDSB Mask  Guide (September 24, 2020) can be found below.


Please also discuss the good neighbour policy with your child. GOOD NEIGHBOUR POLICY Students leaving school property for lunch are expected to behave in an appropriate manner in the neighbourhood. Any misbehavior OFF school property will be reported to parents and consequences as outlined in the Safe Schools Policy, “A Safe Learning Environment” may be imposed.

We have had complaints of students congregating and being disrespectful on Roncesvalles and not using masks.  The community has expressed concern for their safety with these groups.  Please discuss good neighbour policy otherwise we will have to relook at our lunch policy and not allow students to leave the school property.  Our hope in giving students this privilege was that they would be going home for lunch.

Thank you for your partnership,

Kind regards,

Tricia McGovern, Vice- Principal

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